The Mandolorian REVIVAL

The time has come for the mandalorians to rise again! None will escape this force when it finaly comes to reclaim it's place in the galaxy! The time is now! Vode an
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 Battle #3: Imperial surprise (BVC attack on Gyndine)

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PostSubject: Battle #3: Imperial surprise (BVC attack on Gyndine)   Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:10 am

The new republic suffered another attack by consortium forces today over the peaceful world of Gyndine.The attackers where a group of imperial sympathizers called the Black Vann Consortium.Part of the BVC's attack force included a rare Eclipse-class star destroyer but with a strange alteration: One observer saw a large anti-planetary cannon attached to the lower hull.Fortunately the Eclipse held back while the main attack force of 50 tector class star destroyers, 1 Allegiance class command ship, 10 Vindicator class cruisers, 20 Interdictor cruisers, 30 Nebulon B2 Frigates, 50 Vibre class assault cruisers, 100 Assassin class corvettes, 500 DP20 gunships, 10,000 T.I.E. Predators, 6,000 T.I.E. Bombers, 1,000 Scimitar assault bombers, 100 Nebulon class (Medical) frigates and 1 Death Watch Super Star Destroyer.
The enemy forces quickly dealt with the lone Golan III battle station floating off-planet but (we are proud to report) met with some trouble against the super planetary defence cluster.The defence cluster destroyed 2 of the tector class star destroyers and disabled three others as well as four of the interdictor class cruisers.The defence cluster held the BVC forces for 20 minutes until the Eclipse took the forward position and insinerated the shield generator,the inhabitants panicked as a barrage came from above killing 2,501,234 people and wounding 5,336,405.
The carnage stopped when the New Republic finally sent in 30 MC-80 star cruisers,1,000 MC-30C star cruisers,5,000 alliance assault cruisers,6,000 Nebulon-B frigates and 1,000 wings of Y-wing fighters.123 DP20 gunships,1 vindictor-class cruiser,29 Vibre-class assault cruisers,5 Tector-class star destroyers,10 Nebulon-B cruisers and 2,000 T.I.E fighters where destroyed on the enemy's side and 12 MC-80 star cruisers,5 MC-30C star cruisers and 2 wings of Y-wing star fighters destroyed on the New Republic side before the BVC retreated.NRN B'onsol Vren reporting.
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Battle #3: Imperial surprise (BVC attack on Gyndine)
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