The Mandolorian REVIVAL

The time has come for the mandalorians to rise again! None will escape this force when it finaly comes to reclaim it's place in the galaxy! The time is now! Vode an
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 Battle #7 : Doused flame (Red Hand and BVC attack on Mon Calamari)

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PostSubject: Battle #7 : Doused flame (Red Hand and BVC attack on Mon Calamari)   Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:17 pm

This is Admiral Carth Onasi,
The Red Hand attack Mon Calamari today destroying most of it's dry-dock facilities and all 3 of it's Golan II battle stations.Ace Wing warned the BVC not to attack Mon Calamari but the ambitious sabacc bluffer Morlish Veed decided that the Scourge could challenge the Red Hand.I gotta hand it to the juggernoughts the clash was magnificent the duel was decided,however,before it began anbd the Scourge went out in a blaze of glory as it threw itself into the Red Hand causing catastrophic damage to the super weapon and pulverizing the Scourge.But don't count your Tikiar eggs before they hatch New Republic.We know that BVC leader survived the collision and landed via escape pod on the planet's surface and is now nagotiating with Admiral Ackbar.
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Battle #7 : Doused flame (Red Hand and BVC attack on Mon Calamari)
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