The Mandolorian REVIVAL

The time has come for the mandalorians to rise again! None will escape this force when it finaly comes to reclaim it's place in the galaxy! The time is now! Vode an
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 The Resol'nare

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PostSubject: The Resol'nare   Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:07 am

RESOL'NARE (Six Actions)

The resol'nare, or Six Actions, defines what a Mandalorian does. The resol'nare are a set of six actions that a Mandalorian must do through-out their lives. The resol'nare listed below:

Resol'nare Intagrated in game and guild:

1. I will defend myself and my family.

2. All my children will be raised as Mandalorians.

3. I will take pride in wearing clothing that represents my Mandalorian status.
Dress the part of a Mandalorian, not strict Mandalorian
armor but as an honorable warrior would.

4. I will speak Mando'a to other Mandalorians.
Members should have a basic use of Mando’a.

5. I will help my aliit to succeed and sustain itself.

6. I will answer the call of Mand'alor.
To be ready for duty when ever the time comes.

These are the six basic things a person must incorporate into their lives if they are to be a Mandalorian. They are the most basic and important things for a Mandalorian.

Ke'juri beskar'gam
(Wear armor)
Once Mandalorians reach adulthood, they assemble a suit of armor that suits their needs and skills and wear it in public through their daily lives. This armor serves as a tool, a visual designation of their status as warriors and a symbol of their cultural identity. When among outsiders, many Mandalorians will not even remove their helmets.

Ke'jorhaa'i Mando'a
(Speak Mandalorian)
While most Mandalorians know and speak Basic and other languages, all are raised speaking Mando'a, the language of the Taungs. When among themselves, they speak Mando'a almost exclusively. The language itself is very fluid and simple, reflecting the culture of which it is a part, and like the culture, it has changed very little over the centuries.

K'ara'novo aliit
(Defend the family)
While the Mandalorians are best known as a warrior culture, they are also fiercely family oriented. It is expected that Mandlorians will start families once they are able to do so. Not wanting to do so is difficult for a Mandalorian to understand. Each member of a family is expected to protect the others, garaunteeing their survival and through this, ensuring the survival of the clan and culture.

Ke'gaa'tayli aliit bralir
(Help the clan to succeed)
Each individual and family is expected to contribute to the welfare and prosperity of their clan, which in turn helps provide for the family and individual as needed. This act is far from the socialist prop it first seems, as it is a neccessity for a society that spends a great deal of its time at war to provide for such neccessities as food, shelter and manufactured goods when a large number of a clan's adults are on other worlds fighting.

Ke'ba'juri sa Mando'ade
(Raise children as Mandalorians)
It is a Mandalorian's responsibility to raise children in the traditions of their culture. However this is not simply an imperative to breed, as it might seem on the surface. Mandalorians often adopt their children, caring very little for blood lineage and bowing to the neccessities created by their lifestyles as nomadic warriors. This act is a mandate to perpetuate the culture, as are the majority of the Six Acts, by passing it down to both offspring and adopted war orphans.

Ke'shekemi haar Mand'alor
(Rally to the cause of the Mand’alor)
While the social structure of the Mandalorians is very simple, revolving around family and clan, each clan and family answering to itself, in times of war all families and clans are expected to answer a call to war by the Mand'alor, the leader of the Mandaloria
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The Resol'nare
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