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 Mandalorian heavy blaster

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PostSubject: Mandalorian heavy blaster   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:20 am

The Mandalorian heavy blaster was an improvement on the regular heavy blaster weapons present in the galaxy. The Mandalorians produced a weapon that was both superior and upgradeable. Mandalorians would boast that a shot from one of these blasters could bring down a star cruiser. This was an obvious exaggeration, of course, but for safety's sake, most listeners just nodded and smiled. The most famous pair of these blasters were used by the bounty hunter Calo Nord before he was slain by the "re-programmed" Revan, who took the blasters for his own. Cassus Fett used a heavily modified blaster, and at some point it turned up on the market on Korriban.
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Mandalorian heavy blaster
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