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 Wing blast rocket pack

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PostSubject: Wing blast rocket pack   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:31 am

The Wing-Blast rocket pack was a deadly one-person weapons system utilized by the Mandalorians. It was capable of both atmospheric and deep-space flight (with a maximum atmospheric speed of 500 kilometers per hour). It had two nearly vertical wings, each packed with miniature concussion missile launchers inside and carrying a heavy rotating double blaster. The pack also included a proton torpedo cannon, mounted over the head of the pack's user.

The pack was designed several hundred years BBY by General Gustav Zenlav, founder of the MandalMotors corporation, and originally incorporated an experimental photonic beam where the proton torpedo cannon would eventually be mounted; this proved to be the design flaw that caused Zenlav to shelve the design. Hundreds of years later, the blueprints for the pack fell into the possession of Boba Fett. Recognizing the promise of the design, Fett replaced the photonic beam with the proton torpedo system, and used the Wing-Blast rocket pack to storm Fortress Baarlos, defeat the fortress's Tulvarees guardians, and collect the bounty on Faarl the Conqueror.
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Wing blast rocket pack
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