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 how to fight(for dummies)

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PostSubject: how to fight(for dummies)   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:25 am

I have decided to describe a typical battle in steps as a demonstration.
Step 1: declare war (there are no "pearl harbors" in this game) ex.:Kelborn declares war on Crassus Fett.
Step 2:Post the planet you attack and deploy your forces. ex.: Kelborne sends the last sight and 6,000 fighters to tatooine(lets just pretend kay?)
step 3: name the amount of points you are willing to lose before a retreat/defeat. ex.: Crassus Fett only wants to lose one wing of adv. fighters i.e 4 points.
step 4: look at defender's planetary description and describe your strategy to admin. ex.: Kelborn says "Im gunna shoot Crassus Fett's golan 3 battle stations with the last sight while my fighters attack the planet.
step 5: admin will look over the battle plans and decide a winner by choosing which would be more "story like". ex.: admin says "Crassus Fett loses 'cause Kelborn is cooler."
step 6:don't get angry at the administration board, when you play this game you are subjecting yourself to the Admin. Board.
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PostSubject: A little reminder   Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:21 pm

Once you create a faction, start a battle log. The battle log is located in the Combat in Galactic Wars section, and contains those things which pertain to battles, retreats, losses, gains, and declarations of war.

Also, in war unlike what Admin said, the Administrative board will decide the winners by tactics, thier forces, and random events instead of what is more "story-like". What the Admin meant was that the outcome will be written in "Story Form".

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how to fight(for dummies)
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