The Mandolorian REVIVAL

The time has come for the mandalorians to rise again! None will escape this force when it finaly comes to reclaim it's place in the galaxy! The time is now! Vode an
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 battle 8: vortex (mandolorian attack on the maw)

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PostSubject: battle 8: vortex (mandolorian attack on the maw)   Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:56 pm

Beings across the galaxy will be surprised when they hear of a new star forge floating in the maw instalation.yes,the legendary mass-fleet building space station has been re-created inside the maw in a joint venture by kelborn and ace wing.the battle was fierce but fast and the red eclipse pirate gang could do little against the celestial mandolore which escorted 30 of ace wings fighters.neither kelborn nor ace wing will disclose any more details.nrn ven ronn reporting.
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battle 8: vortex (mandolorian attack on the maw)
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